“I wanted to write a review for LIFE SIMPLIFIED as not only did they simplify my family’s life but they were “lifesavers” at a very demanding and stressful time.  My husband and I both work full time, we have a baby and two young children.  We were in the midst of moving and packing up our entire home to go to storage.  Janice and Dorian were able to come in and take charge of packing up our entire kitchen. I was impressed with their professionalism and how organized they were as a team, accomplishing what to us was an overwhelming project in an efficient manner. Thank you Janice and Dorian for easing the burden of moving!”    ~B., Prairie Village, KS


“My daughter and I have health issues and are disabled.” We moved here from Texas, but ended up in Minnesota for weeks while my daughter was at Mayo Clinic. My granddaughter, her husband and son live with us too. The movers just dumped boxes everywhere. Items fell out of some and they just threw it wherever. Janice found the antique brooch my grandmother had that was very dear to me and my daughter’s necklace that she thought had been lost while in the hospital. She organized the bedroom that was full of boxes, clothes, my daughter’s medical items, odds and ends. It was worth every penny just to have found the brooch and necklace! She was a Godsend!”    ~C., Lansing, KS


“Dorian and Janice are just amazing! We’re planning on moving to a smaller retirement complex and needed to get our grown children’s keepsakes organized so they could take them. My wife and I also needed to go through papers and whatnot and get rid of stuff. I couldn’t believe how fast they worked! They also made helpful recommendations on what to do with collections that we can’t take with us. They were really good on the job, efficient and awesome company.”    ~D., Prairie Village, KS


“They are easy to work with and give lots of help in how to keep organized after the task at hand is completed.”    ~E., Roeland Park, KS


“I would absolutely recommend Janice and Dorian at Life Simplified.”    ~L., Kansas City, MO


“I loved Janice and Dorian! They came in got right to work and got my one room organized and I couldn’t be happier! I will definitely call them in the future to help me again. They did an excellent job!”   ~T., Lee’s Summit, MO


“You are both so energetic, organized and efficient. You made the whole process fun. I’ll have you come back in a few weeks and we’ll finish the basement. I’m looking forward to it!”   ~C., Leawood, KS


“Prompt, smart, efficient, nice. Highly recommend.”   ~T., Lenexa, KS

“Janice and Dorian, owners of Life Simplified, are both delightful to work with, and I feel I cannot recommend them highly enough. They were 100% invaluable in helping me sort and organize at my old house in preparation for my move, and they also helped on the other end at my new house. At my new home, they did a very careful job of lining all my kitchen and bathroom drawers, and that was a huge and very time consuming job that I probably would never have gotten around to doing! They paid attention to what was most important to me, and my very favorite thing about them is how nonjudgmental they were, even in the face of the crazy amount of belongings at my old house. Honestly, I could not have moved without their help. Sincerely.”   ~J., Prairie Village, KS

“I hired Dorian and Janice with Life Simplified for a major home organization project that included multiple rooms in the house, part of the basement and garage, and a large outdoor storage shed. I am extremely happy with the results. The ladies were also prompt, professional, and a pleasure to do business with. Highly recommended!”   ~K., Lenexa, KS

“Janice and Dorian are excellent at organizing the most difficult messes. They cleaned out and organized my closets when I didn’t have time or will to let go of stuff! ”   ~J., Leawood, KS