Janice has loved organizing since she was a young girl, uncluttering mantels, bookcases, and any tabletop or counter to make it look tidy and more decorative. She and her husband have raised two sons and during that time, she found herself using systems to keep track of all their stuff, as well as teaching her boys how to maintain these systems. The more her home was clutter-free and organized, the more her family could enjoy each other.

She helped her mother downsize from their two-story, four bedroom family home to a two bedroom condo. She takes a practical and realistic approach to organizing which made it easier to help her mother sort through years of their family’s possessions in order to move into the next phase of her life. She helped her Mom keep only what made her truly happy, gave her sisters the important mementos from their childhood, and donated the rest. It made her Mom feel really good to know that the stuff she didn’t need would be going to those who did.

Janice also loves clothes, and has helped many people go through their wardrobes, not only to put great outfits together, but to weed out the clothing that was either out of style, worn out or didn’t fit. She has a really good eye for what looks good on women, and loves to help organize closets in ways that makes it easier to get dressed in the morning. This includes accessories, shoes, and jewelry as well.

Janice has a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. Janice has two married sons and is enjoying her daughters-in-law. She and her husband have two dogs, Linus and Lucy. She loves travel, golf, reading, dogs, and getting together with family and friends.


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