While raising her three children Dorian found it very natural to keep an organized home. She subconsciously began inventing and utilizing systems for organizing all their stuff. She realized when things started getting cluttered her family seemed more scattered. The more their stuff was picked up and in place, the calmer their lives were. Admittedly, when her girls were in middle school there were many times she lost the battle of the picked up room!

When Dorian’s step-father passed away she helped her Mother move from her four bedroom house to a two bedroom condominium. Please note, this was a four bedroom home in which every room was overfilled with mountains of very important, very “loved”, “needed”, “can’t live without”, “but I’m going to play the guitar/piano someday” kind of stuff…..stuff that had been collected for years. Her Mother called herself “a collector”…Dorian called it hoarding. Not the garbage kind of hoarding one sees on reality TV shows, but a form of hoarding none the less. From this experience of helping her mother downsize Dorian gained an understanding of how important things/stuff can be to people, but also how too much stuff makes for a cluttered life and robs people of their peace and calmness. She successfully helped her Mom downsize her stuff in order to move into the next phase of her life.

Dorian realized how much she liked organizing, and that she was really good at it. She has since organized peoples bathrooms, kitchens, garages…has helped people move out of their homes and into retirement communities, including setting up their new, much smaller spaces with all their favorite things. And now she hopes that she can help you, too!

Dorian has a Bachelor of Art’s from Denison University. She is enjoying her three grown children, and loves it when they ask her to help them organize their homes. She has replaced her three kids with two kitties and a puppy, enjoys her new husband, and loves to snow ski and read.

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