Dorian and Janice met when they joined Kansas City Young Matrons, a woman’s philanthropic organization. Being in “the class of 2003”, they got to know each other quite well and became dear friends. Since then it became a tradition to sign up to work together on many different projects. Not only are they good friends, they have fun and work really well together!

They also share a love for organized spaces. They have kept well organized homes, and don’t find it odd at all that they think a good time is cleaning out the pantry. Each of them were looking for what to do in that next phase of life after the kids were raised, but before moving to the “Golden Girls” community. During a fun night at Happy Hour, they realized they needed to “live their passion”, so it was very natural when they decided to pool their talents to start their company, Life Simplified.

They are very excited to organize your space by helping you go through your stuff, deciding what to keep, and then rearranging everything in a well thought out, useful manner. It really will bring peace to your life knowing what you have and where it is. They are very compassionate, and truly want to help you clean out the clutter and organize your space in a non-judgmental way so that your Life will be Simplified!

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